About Me

I am loctang. I have been modding, coding and doing computer security/hacking for over 9 years now, it has been my biggest hobby and interest and I wish to put my abilities in the best place I can. I have helped several celebrities and companies secure their websites, networks and media accounts. I started by learning basic self-XSS, and quickly moved towards learning the SQL Language as I wished to work with databases. I now do my own work, after working with many big teams and groups I freelance penetration testing and complete bug bounties in my spare time.

I am also a Security Guard, protecting people & property at client locations. I've always had a passion to help people and make sure everybody stays safe. I have many ambitions but physical & cyber security are my strongest.

The most common things I can do are Program in C#, C++, Python, Shell. Operate penetration tests on websites and networks, finding the most common issues like XSS, SQLi, CSRF etc. as well as Identify any missing security headers such as HSTS, CSP, X-XSS. I can also modify just about any game, system or video game console.

Social Media

You can find me on social media platforms listed below, I will post updates everyday on Twitter and Instagram regarding new posts, software and events from me.

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